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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

In my work as a dental hygienist I would get SO HOT during my workday it was hard to think or function at times. Our office was at the top of it's capacity for air conditioning, but it wasn't enough. My coworker at the front desk is FREEZING and I have rivers of sweat running everywhere. By the time my day was done, I knew the funk surrounded my like a cloud, and I was exhausted from the constant heat.

I knew I needed to make it better somehow. And it needed to be EASY. I looked up cooling vest options that already existed and they looked like they would just make me more hot with the heavy fabric and close fit...and definitely not easy to change out. And the PRICE!!

So I thought, "Ok, Jill. You need to make something that is lightweight, wicks moisture, uses cooling packs that can be changed out and it's easy to change them out. The fabric should be MADE IN THE USA, and bacteria controlling. I made some prototypes, had my dental friends try them out (with rave reviews) and VIOLA!! You.coolr was born.

I could now work my whole day and feel like I had a brain left at the end of the shift!! I was more patient with myself and others, and didn't stink when the day was done!! :)

Then the pandemic hit. COVID-19 PPE made our job even more stifling, as many of you reading this can relate. For us to stay safer we had to wear more and breathe through more...all things that create more heat. You.coolr is needed more than ever.

Please let me know how you.coolr works for you!! I've got just a few designs as of right now, but plan on adding more. I'm even working on a design for dogs!!

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