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How Could I Keep This To Myself...

I launched my site! It's been a week and a half. Some of my friends are asking me questions about "What's this you.coolr thing?" "What are you doing now??". You see, I've been a dental hygienist for the last 24 years, but I love to create and have done many things through time because I know that people want some of the things I've been able to do, or that I've been able to make.

When my coworkers and I kept saying how sweaty we were at work, how much it frustrated us and interfered with thinking and temper, and kept trying to turn the A/C to an even lower temp than it was set and even though the patients and our front office was cold...I started to think about how could we solve this or at least make it better for use sweaty ones. I looked at the products that were out there to buy, and they wouldn't work the way we needed them to. I wanted to be able to have a freezable product that wouldn't then freeze the skin if it was worn close to the skin. And it needed to be washable. It also needed to be easy to switch out the packs when needed. And from experience of washing clothes for my family for decades, no velcro on it to get caught on other things in the wash, and get yucky over time. When I had the design in my head, I found the fabric and it had BacLock, a process that uses silver to keep bacteria under control, and the bacteria are what create the smelly part. I was so happy!!! The fabric was just what I was looking for: moisture wicking sport fabric that had some stretch AND it had bacteria control built right in. :)

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