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It's what all Health Care Providers want.  To be less-hot.

Medical Professional

There's one thing that's universal to all healthcare workers:  this PPE makes us HOT.  The sweat that's running down our backs is nothing to laugh at.  The more hot we are, the less patience we have and less mental bandwidth.  Plus...we work with people. People who have noses.  Noses that can smell us. 


The cooler healthcare providers can be, the less sweating occurs, the fresher we are through our work day, and then our days go better and we can take care of the people around us better.  Combine that with affordability, fabric made in the USA and the product is designed and sewn in Minnesota and you have something that really makes you feel good!


Oh!  And this cooling:  it needs to be simple and manageable.  It needs to be comfortable and safe.  That's what you.coolr is all about.  From the lightweight fabric with bacteria control (keeps smelling fresh) to the capacity to have as much cooling as you might need to wear in an easy to wear design that disappears under scrub tops.  Even people who aren't health care providers will want to wear it.  

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